There are two parts to the All4Hooves system. The Online Manager is the administrative hub for hoof trimming companies, where all herds’ health records from a range of farms can be accessed. The Mobile App is installed on a tablet for hoof trimmers and farmers and even vets to use for real-time reporting and report viewing while in the field.

Online Manager for farmers

  • Dashboard

    A birds-eye overview of your livestock records and reports.

  • Company Management

    You can create an ‘admin user’ account and update company details as required.

  • Customer Management

    Enable farmers and associated hoof trimmers to view all of their current customer reports.

  • Comments

    Create custom comments that help guide the scoring process by providing additional information for your trimmers.

  • Appointments Calendar

    Use the calendar to make hoof trimming appointments.

  • Register Users

    Add users by logging into your admin account and selecting the relevant user type (e.g. ‘trimmer’, ‘farm manager’, ‘vet’, ‘consultant’).

  • Report Management

    Upload and review detailed reports including customised comments and images that detail each cow’s treatment record.

  • Manage Invoices

    The invoicing manager allows an admin to set and determine prices, currencies and tax onto treatments and services.

  • Help Videos

    We have a whole series of helpful videos that will give you easy-to-follow instructions.

Mobile App for hoof trimmers

  • Synchronise & Store

    The All4Hooves Mobile App makes it easy for hoof trimmers to upload reports in real-time from the field.

  • Bovine Records

    Easily create an individual record for each bovine by entering its ID number.

  • Comments

    Trimmers can add comments about anything from veterinary recommendations to ad hoc observations.

  • Multiple Images

    Use the App to share any images of disease or infection at the earliest possible stage to enable timely intervention.

  • Recall

    Find out when a cow was last trimmed and whether any treatment was required, simply by entering the bovine’s ID.

  • Bovine History

    Centralise and display all previous bovine hoof trimming history in a single location.

  • Veterinary Advice

    Trimmers can highlight the records of any cows that will benefit from veterinary advice or treatment.

  • Transferring Data

    You’re in complete control of your data, and can decide exactly who is able to see specific information.

  • Download Scores

    Automatically download scores representing your cows’ health when a data transfer has been completed.

  • Download Details

    Once you have completed a data transfer, the Mobile App automatically scans the information received and updates.

  • Automatic Updates

    Software updates are rolled out automatically across all registered devices.

  • Transfer All

    Transfer multiple scorings to the Online Manager in one transaction.

  • Detailed Scoring

    Detailed scorings can be generated to create in-depth reports and to ensure specific details of any issues are documented.

Discover the vast array of features packed into the Online Manager and Mobile App.